INTRODUCTION:Automatic Potato chips making machine feature with energy and labor saving.High Efficiency continuous working.Easy operation and maintenance.


CAPACITY: Customer According Customer Actual Demand



Automatic potato chip making machine is an ideal choice for large and medium-sized potato chip processing plants.Replacing manual labor with automatic transportation equipment in key links, thereby ensuring product hygiene and improving production efficiency.


1.The production line configuration, capacity and etc.can be customized by the customer’s actual demand

2.Full line automatic connect.Intelligent operation, high output and labor saving.Durable, low failure rate.Stable production.

3.Manufacturer directly supply,quality assurance,best price in China market.


Pictures of Potato Chips Making Machine

Pictures of Potato Chips Making Machine

Pictures of Potato Chips Making Machine

1.Lifting Machine With Water Spray Device

It is used to preclean potato,soften the potato skin, then loading potatoes into washing and peeling machine.

2.Washing and Peeling Machine

This machine is used to peeling potatoes with hard brush and emery brush; Uneven and corrugated brush can peel the potatoes completely.

3.Selecting Conveyor Belt

This machine is used to pick out potato eyes and dark parts on potatoes by manually. There will be waste material holes and unpeeled potatoes return system.

4.Potato Cutter

This machine is used to cut potato into fries, french fries quality depends on fries length and shape, so cutting machine is very important.

5.Rinsing Machine

This machine used to washing potato starch and protect potato from oxidation, keep its original color.

6.Blanching Machine

This machine is used to deactivate the activity of the oxidase, take off the starch, separate out the reducing sugar, also after blanching,it will get inner soft taste of french fries.Blanching temperature is between 80 ℃ -100 ℃,blanching time 100 seconds

7.Vibrating Dewater Machine

Used to remove water.Also have many holes at the end of machine to leak out small part and waste part potato.

8.Air Drying and Cooling Line

Remove the surface water on the fries ,cooling temperature and drying for next step frying process.

9.Continuous frying machine

Deep Drying,Frying Temperature 180℃,Frying Time 120 seconds

11.Vibration Deoil Machine

This machine is used to remove the surface oil on the fried french fries.

12.Air Drying and Cooling Line

Use air fan to blow off the oil on fries surface, then deliver fries into the quick freezer tunnel.

13.Lifting Machine

Used to connect between cooling line and quick-freezing tunnel.

14.Fluidized-Type Quick Freezer Tunnel

It is used to quick freezing the french fries in short time, fries center temperature at -18 ℃,frozen time 20 minutes.Can the maximum keep the french fries original flavor and product quality.


Used to connect between quick-freezing machine and packing machine.

16.Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine

It is used to weighting and packing the french fries into bags automatically

No. Machine Name Dimension Power
1 Lifting Machine 2400*900*1600mm 0.55KW
2 Potato Washing and Peeling Machine 2800*850*1400mm 4.37KW
3 Selecting Conveyor Belt 2500*900*800mm 0.75KW
4 Potato Cutting Machine 950*800*950mm 1.1KW
5 Water Bucket Spray Lifting Machine 2200*900*1600mm 0.75KW
6 Unquality Fries Picking Machine 2000*800*1300mm 2.2KW
7 Rinsing Machine 3000*1000*1300mm 5.25KW
8 Blanching Machine 4000*1000*1300mm 100KW
9 Vibration Dewater Machine 1800*1230*1020mm 0.5KW
10 Air Cooling and Drying Machine 3500*900*1600mm 7.1KW
11 Lifting Machine 2000*700*1300mm 0.55KW
12 Continuous Frying Machine 4000*1100*2200mm 120KW
13 Vibration Deoil Machine 1800*1230*1020mm 0.5KW
14 Air Cooling and Drying Machine 3500*900*1600mm 6.75KW
15 Lifiting Machine 3000*900*2100mm 0.75KW
Total French Fries Production Line(150-200KG/H) Workshop Space=L44M*W4M*W3M 251.12KW
Note: The machine configuration of the fully automatic french fries line is very flexible, we need to match according to customer needs. This list of machines can be used as a reference, basically covering the fully automatic production process of French fries. Moreover, some of the production links can be adjusted and changed according to actual production needs.

Can I Make Potato Chips With This Automatic Frozen French Fries Production Line Also?

In fact, the processing technology of fried potato chips and fried french fries is basically the same. If the french fries producer wants to use this automatic frozen french fries processing line to produce potato chips, it also works. The manufacturer only needs to replace the potato cutting machine to potato slicer machine and add the drum type seasoning machine in the production line.

The difference between the shape of french fries and potato chips is mainly determined by the potato cutter. By replacing different cutting machine and add the seasoning machine, customers can use the same production line to produce fries and chips at the same time, which can save costs and increase economic benefits.