Peanut red skin remove machine has advantage of easy operation,stable performance, durable, no damage.Peeling rate more than 96%. there is no damage, half rate 8%, with different capacity suitable for small or big processing factory.




Frame Carbon Steel.Cover and Contact SS201.(Optional Upgrade to SS304)

Input Peanut humidity Require Less than 4% 

Peanut Red Skin Remove Machine Pictures

Pictures of Peanut Red Skin Remove Machine

Peanut Red Skin Remove Machine Introduction

Peanut peeling machine is designed to remove the red skin of dry/roasted peanut kernels, it has widely adaptability of long shape 24/28、28/32、34/38、38/42, and round shape 35/40、40/50、50/60、60/70, the uniform size is helpful to increase the peeling ratio.

Peanut peeling machine contains hopper, sand roller, supporting base,electrical cabinet. The machine works high efficiency, the peeling ratio can reach more than 96%, Split Rate 8%.Raw peanut input humidity suggest less than 4% to reach best peeling effect.

In order to enlarge the capacity of peanut skin remove machine, several machine can be assembled together, customized service is available, welcome to tell us your idea on peanut processing.We have all kinds peanut processing machine.

Machine Diagram
Diagram of Peanut Red Skin Remove MachineTechnical Parameters
GT-4 0.37KW 110*36*110CM 100KG 200KG/H 0.37KW
GT-8 0.37KW 110*70*110CM 180KG 400KG/H 0.55KW
GT-12 0.37KW 110*95*110CM 260KG 600KG/H 0.75KW
Peanut Red Skin Remove Machine Working Video

Q1: What is machine material?
A1: Frame Carbon Steel.Contact Part SS201.

Q2: Do you have more big capacity machine?
A2: Several machine can be assembled together to reach high capacity demand.

Q3: May I know the peeling rate and half kernel rate?
A3: Peeling rate more than 96%.Half rate less than 8%.No any damage.

Q4: This machine raw peanut input humidity require ?
A4: Machine will be working perfect if humidity less than 4%.

Q5: What is this machine spare part,using life?
A5:Triangle belt(Using Life 1 Year) & Sand roller(150-200 ton peanut).We will free gift triangle belt when you purchase the machine.The sand roller after using life need re-hanging sand or change new roller.

Q6: How to clean the drum?
A6: Open the top cover then use brush clean the roller is ok.

Q7: What is the voltage?
A7: The equipment with standard voltage 380V 50HZ 3Phase.Also can use 220V 50HZ Single Phase

Q8: How long will take from order confirmed to delivery?
A8: Most of the time we have machine in stock.If out of stock.Regular 10-15 Days delivery the machine.

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