INTRODUCTION:Continuous nut roasting machine provides equal heating and even forced hot air distribution; adopt alternate heating both from bottom and top. This design can guarantee the premium roasting quality, correct color and proper moisture contains products.

APPLICATION:Cocoa Beann,Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Cashew Nut, Horse Beans, Almonds, Walnuts,Hazelnut Pistachios, Pine Nuts, Pistachios etc.

CAPACITY: 200/300/500/1000 KG/H

MACHINE MATERIAL:Standard Frame Carbon Steel.Cover SS201,Contact Part SS304.Accept Customized and Upgrade.

Heating Source:Electric/Gas

Pictures of Nut Roasting Machine
Details Pictures of Nut Roasting Machine

Commonly we divide roaster into high temperature roasting area, transition area and cooling area. During roasting is undergoing, nuts stay on the perforated stainless steel conveyor belt, hot air comes from top gas burners, is blown by air blower to the top of conveyor belt, at the same time, we equip with blade type wheel to distribute hot air evenly to everywhere of conveyor belt, at the same time, another hot air blower on the bottom of roasting belt is blowing hot air from bottom side, it occurs hot air recycle inside, the hot air flow can ensure each nuts is heated evenly & entirely. After roasting finishes, nuts goes into cooling area via transition area, high pressure cold air from outside can bring the heat of peanuts away and cool down the surface temperature to room temperature.


Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Cashew Nut, Horse Beans, Almonds, Walnuts,Hazelnut Pistachios, Pine Nuts, Pistachios etc.

Continuous Nut Roasting Machine Structure Features

High Temperature Roasting Zone

Progressive two-stage operation gas burner, hot air recycle fan, hot air distribution wheel/plate, and continuous roaster belt constitues a highly effective system, such system optimizes the gas resource, transorms into heat engergy, evenly & stably pass through nut material, takes humidity away, thus realizes slight drying or dark roasting purpose.

Low Temperature Roasting Zone

Low temperature roasting make sure keep original color and shape size.Better taste.Avoid nutrient loss.

Note:2 Stage Roasting Zone Only Application for Capacity ≥1000KG/H Model

Transferring Zone
Transfer roasted nut material to cooling zone

Cooling Zone

Cold air enters roaster from wire mesh on top of roaster, then high pressure cooling air fan suck the heat energy from bottom channel, then drain it out of roaster.Commonly roasted nut material can be cooled at room temperature when it comes out of vibration discharging slot.

Feeding Way

We have different feeding way to satisfy different processing purpose,

1.Vertical Bucket Elevator + Big Hopper
2.PVC Conveyor belt

Roasting Machine Clean Method

We use brusher to clean the roasting belt on-line, depends on roasting belt type, brusher can be fix on 1-side or 2-sides.

Roasting Belt

Use 304 Stainless Steel Chain Plate Belt.

Control System

We have 2 option are Smart Siemens PLC control and traditional button for customer choose, it contains driven parts, gas burner flame on & off, air recycle fan, temperature show & adjust automatically, roasting belt speed adjust, gas off alarm, malfunction alarm, can each step by this pannel.

Continuous Nut Roasting and Cooling Machine Technical ParametersContinuous Nut Roasting Machine Technical Parameters