EVERLINK Machinery in the development, planning, construction, installation, start-up and overhaul of primary cocoa processing equipment. From individual ‘stand-alone’ machines to complete turnkey facilities that specialize in the production of cocoa liquor, powder and butter.Hourly capacities range from small scale plant or medium size plant up to large industrial size factories.

Raw Cocoa Beans-Cocoa Liquor/Cocoa Butter/Cocoa Powder


100/200/300/400/500/1000KG/H Or Customized

Cocoa Processing Machine Application Products

1.Raw Cocoa Bean Size Sorting

①Remove the dust and stone from raw cocoa beans,and separate different size cocoa bean for batch roasting.(The roasting temperature and time for large and small beans will be a little different, so separate roasting is helpful to ensure the flavor of cocoa and more evenly roasting)

②Also large and small beans separate different batch processing will be helpful improve hulling rate.

(You can do a small adjust for the machine to processing different size beans,make sure best hulling performance.Then you can get very clean cocoa nibs )

2.Cocoa Bean Electromagnetic Roasting Machine

Killing the Bacteria

Before the roasting process, the cocoa beans were subjected to rigorous fermentation. Heaps of cocoa beans are piled on top of each other and are fermented for seven to fourteen days. During this time, bacteria and mold may get accumulated on the beans. Roasting is an important step in the production of chocolate because of the high temperatures in this process that will kill unwanted microbial growth.

Traditionally beans are fermented on the ground, this gives an opportunity for bugs and biological components (such as twigs, leaves, etc) to contaminate the beans. Roasting eliminates all the biological components and prevents the spread of E.coli and Salmonella.

Separating the husks

Roasting plays an important role in separating the husks from the bean of the nibs. Roasting makes hulling process much easier.

Reducing the moisture

Research shows that chocolate contains 7.5% water and it is important to make sure that the water level is as low as possible since water and chocolate don’t mix. Roasting the beans reduces the water content by a significant amount thereby making the grinding process much easier.

Development of Flavor.

Roasting the beans plays a crucial role in developing flavor. During roasting certain chemical reactions occur that the amino acids and natural sugars present in the bean are converted into flavor compounds. Cocoa beans that aren’t roasted have a bitter flavor but roasted cocoa beans are more rich and intense with less amount of acidity.  The acidic smell that the beans get due to fermentation is replaced with a chocolatey aroma. This process unlocks all the bouquets of aromas that the cocoa bean has to offer.

What Advantage of Our Electromagnetic Heating Cocoa Bean Roaster ?

Use drum type roasting technology ,make sure evenly roasting effect.Accurate Temperature control guarantee color and flavor.Boosting flavor characteristics.Electromagnetic Heating Method Use Life 5 Times Than Normal Electric Tube Heating Roaster.(Electric Heating Tube Regular Using Life is 10-12 Month) .Electromagnetic Heating Method More Safety Working than Normal Eclectric Tube Heating.(Because of electric tube using long time will have a risk of leakage)

3.Cocoa Bean Hulling Machine

Purpose:Cracking Cocoa Beans and Separate Cocoa Bean Kernel With Husk

Advantage of our Hulling Machine

Separates more than 99% of husk in single pass.Almost no husk mixed in nibs and almost no nibs mixed with husk.

4.Cocoa Nibs Grinding Machine

Purpose:Fine grinding cocoa nibs to cocoa liquor(Also name Cocoa Mass )

Advantage of Cocoa Nibs Grinding Machine
Special cooling water ciruits for machine grinding.High Quality SS420 Steel Moore Durable.Modest product temperature increase.

5.Cocoa Butter Hydraulic Press Machine

Cocoa liquor itself consists of two (2) components; cocoa butter and cocoa powder. In a cocoa press the ‘solids’ (what will be cocoa powder) and the ‘liquids’ (cocoa butter) are separated by pushing the liquor up against a cloth bag in a closed chamber – the cloth bag is designed to let the butter pass through but to keep the ‘solids’ inside the chamber. Separating the butter from the solids requires an large amount force (generated hydraulically). Because there is so much force put on the product, the ‘solids’ come out as hard as a brick, which is referred to as ‘cake’ and is later crushing and fine milling into cocoa powder.

The main benefit of hydraulic pressing is that it creates no sheer forces on the product and allows for exact control of the volume of cocoa butter pressed out ensuring optimum product quality. After a few minutes sufficient butter is pressed out (typically to about 10 – 12% rest fat in the cake, sometimes to 20 – 24%), the press opens and the cakes take out to the below cocoa cake crushing machine below. Before being transported to the cocoa powder fine milling machine the cakes are first crushing into smaller pieces called ‘kibble’.

Precision design and manufacturing, high quality and patented technology.Use of only the highest quality durable materials, that are wear and distortion resistant.Low operational cost.Extremely durable, low maintenance reliable equipment.Residual fat content as low as 10% can be achieved

6.Cocoa Cake Crushing Machine

Before being transported to the cocoa powder fine milling machine the cakes are first crushing into smaller pieces called ‘kibble’.

Easy access for cleaning.Extremely durable low maintenance crusher.High efficiency crushing.

7.Cocoa Powder Fine Milling Machine:

The cocoa powder fine milling machine used to mill cocoa kibble to the desired end-fineness in the cocoa powder. Cocoa powder must be extremely fine to prevent grittiness in the final consumer product such as ‘chocolate’. Cocoa butter in the powder, which is usually about 10 – 12%, sometimes 20 – 24%.


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