Potato chips and french fries

What we should do before start the french fries/potato chips project?

1. In the early stage of investment in potato chips/fries processing line, most potato chip manufacturers must do market research, including local market analysis, raw material prices, labor prices, factory location, power supply, equipment selection, and other aspects.

2. Especially when choosing processing equipment, it is important to choose a manufacturer with strong production capacity, high product quality, good corporate reputation, and perfect after-sales service.

3. In the early stage of processing, one should not rush to mass production, but should be familiar with the production process and details. Quickly explore a set of best production methods within a period of time to ensure a smooth production process and ensure product quality.

Can we use same production line both produce potato chips and french fries?

In fact, the processing technology of French fries and French fries is basically the same. If a potato chip manufacturer wants to use this automatic potato chip processing line to produce French fries, then it can also be used. The manufacturer only needs to replace the potato cutter in the production line.

The difference between the shape of French fries and potato chips is mainly determined by the potato cutter. By changing different cutting machines, customers can use the same production line to produce French fries and French fries at the same time, which can save costs and improve economic efficiency.

What equipment needed for production frozen french fries/potato chips ?

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